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There are many sites that have no requirements for their advisors. Anyone can sign up and do readings for the public. The problem with this is, many of these sites are full of fortune tellers who say they are psychic readings experts or are psychic and read the tarot. They always give vague answers, tell you there is money coming, that your boyfriend will come back or you will meet your soul mate; basically anything you want to hear. They ask you to call them back and they will say prayers and mediate for you (which they do not do). They ask for your picture, pictures of your children and often your jewelry. Once they have your confidence, they will lure you off the site, tell you it is cheaper to call them at home and that is when the real trouble begins.

Fortune tellers ask that you do not tell anyone about your work with them. When they ask you to give them money because they need to buy an expensive candle, beware, as this is where they'll begin, systematically to empty your bank account. By now, they already know how much you have in the bank or on your credit cards. So, your money (sometimes huge sums of money to begin the real work of re-uniting you to your lover or bring in new love) funds their often grand life styles. They usually have a psychic shop, say they can cleanse your chakra and heal all your ills.

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One of the most common questions asked of Omaha psychics are those about past lives.The idea was taken from Eastern notions of reincarnation in the Hindu and Buddhist religions and transliterated into Western thought through mystical traditions espoused by New Age movements like Theosophy and Spiritualism.

Many psychics believe that the soul does not disappear after death but is instead reborn in some way. The belief is that our souls carry imprints or details of our past lives, so that who we were in a past life somehow affects who we are today.

When we have impulses or feelings that seem as though they don't belong in our current lives, it is often attributed to residue from past lives. When we meet someone for the first time but feel we've known him or her forever, this feeling is attributed to the fact that we may have in fact known the person for an entire past life. Some people even have vivid memories of being a different person.

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