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Your birth date, time and place are necessary for astrologers to cast what is known as a birth chart, or a representation of where the planets were in the sky when you were born. Each planet is associated with a ray of energy, and when you first crowned out of the womb and into the world, you were first imprinted by these energies. This imprint follows you through the rest of your life, so the details of your birthday are very important to an astrologer who is trying to provide consultation and spiritual support.

What's In a Name

Meanwhile, South Charleston numerologists associate a number with each letter of the alphabet. Adding the numbers of your name together, they can come to a unique understanding of who you are. Each of the numbers from 1-9 has a hidden spiritual meaning, and through calculating the numbers in your name, a numerologist can give you your spirit number. This is also the case with your birthday. Some psychic professionals share this information with you, while others simply note it and use it to inform their interactions with you.

The South Charleston Psychic's Secret

A psychic's personal connection comes from their sense of closeness with you. If you provide your real name and birthday to a psychic, this gives power to the psychic who will then use it to help you through your problems. Psychics are naturally good at developing close relationships very quickly, and knowing your true name and birthday will only speed up that process.

Psychic Palm Reading in South Charleston Wv

Psychic readings by phone have their own set of advantages. Firstly, you do not have to move out of your house and can reach a psychic anytime at the comfort of your home. Secondly, psychic phone readings are pretty cost effective as compared to the conventional ways of getting a reading. You can also find a list of such phone psychic readers by logging on to the internet. These readers have their own websites and they also contain user comments. A lot of good comments simply mean satisfied customers and vice versa. The psychic companies these days are highly competitive and they conduct thorough tests before appointing a psychic for phone reading. Hence, you can be sure of getting a reading from someone who is well versed with the subject.

Now how does this work? Well, loads of South Charleston people have criticized this system of providing psychic readings on phone and have condemned the idea by saying that those readings are never accurate. The answer to them would be that a real psychic does not need to see the person that he wants to read physically. A true psychic only needs a voice connection to feel the vibrations and can send in accurate predictions. Now you can easily stay in contact with your divine side in addition to your routine chores.


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