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In the past I have worked with developing Psychics who report that their ability seemed to come about after the loss of a loved one. They suddenly seem aware of another dimension they feel a presence and become more aware of little coincidences leading them to believe they now have Psychic ability. Some of these people go on to develop Psychic Skills which enable them to open up to Spirit and communicate on this level. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of developing the right Psychic Skills and particularly some insight into Psychic protection is paramount. This is not to say that they are under attack from every entity in the cosmos as to a certain extent they have protection from above. The topic of Psychic protection is quite a big area and I can go into this in some depth at a later date, so look out for this.

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When people ask me how long have I been a Psychic I say that I have been a developing Psychic since birth. I am constantly gaining more Psychic Skills, I believe that Psychic ability is innate and that often this is an underestimated ability which has yet to be tapped into. I believe that as a child this innate ability is present, however, once we attend school with logical thinking, that side of the brain which is intuitive tends to become dormant. Within the vast universe of the brain is that part of us which knows all that is all seeing and all knowing that is yet to be revealed. There have been stories of people who have recovered from major trauma to the brain such as a car accident who gain a new talent. There have been reports that on waking they can suddenly speak another language or have a particular talent which they didn't have before. Some of these people have even gone on to develop the right Psychic Skills to enable them to practice professionally.

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If you are seeking the advice and guidance of a psychic in Grafton, you have to be aware of common scams perpetrated by those who simply want to take your money. You should only seek out the talents of psychics who are dedicated to healing suffering and improving the world. Scams are committed by charlatans who, while they may or may not have legitimate talents, have no interest in improving anybody's life.

  • The Cursed Ring - A scammer will tell you that a piece of jewelry or object you own is cursed and will offer to remove the curse. After a few days, the con artist will then tell you that the curse is too powerful to remove but that he will take it off your hands free of charge and get rid of it so the curse can't affect you and you'll begin to have better luck in love, job search, etc. What the scammer is really doing is taking your valuables and selling them to a pawn shop for cash.
  • Winning Lottery Numbers - It is not possible for psychics to predict lottery results. Period. Psychic abilities have more to do with reading emotional and energetic currents into the future. Lottery results are on a different plane. If your psychic is asking you to pay money for "winning lottery numbers," find someone else.

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